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Repost: Dream of dad, sister and lightning

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Dad and I were looking at some bicycles to ride. I picked one that fit and dad picked one that had huge tires, when he started riding it looked to me like an inflatable Harley motorcycle. He seemed like he was having trouble handling the bike.

I was going into some kind of shop, before I entered was an animal (unsure what type or why it was there) beside the street and a lady asked me a question about it, though I cannot recall what it was. I went inside and was observing a lady trying to sell my sisters terrarium and lizards to the shopkeeper. She was dumping them out and into her hand. I felt like I was there for this reason.

Myself and my parents and sister were on a beach, it looked to be the one like we used to go on the weekends. I was sitting in a plastic beach chair when lots of clouds rolled in. They were completely covering the sky, and were very lumpy. The sky turned purple and started crackling with constant horizontal lightning. As I sat in my chair I hoped by being in the plastic chair I wouldn’t get zapped, and I was afraid. We decided to get away and started taking things to our vehicles which were a ways off in a parking lot. As we got to them the cloud cover didn’t reach that far and was clear over the vehicles. We were putting things like frozen food in my trunk, and I noticed the clouds getting longer over the beach, kind of like icicles made of clouds, reaching far down towards the ground. We ran to get the rest of the stuff from the beach.

The last part of the dream actually woke me up, and all I could think about was that freaky lightning and sky.

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Hi, Jamie -

For the 2nd part with your sister's terrarium: You said that you felt like you were there for that reason. Were you supposed to prevent this, just observe it, or help see that the transaction went through? If I assume that you're there to stop the lady from selling these things, this portion of the dream could be about intercession for your sister.

For the first part with the motorcycle: I was thinking that this could be literal with a bicycle that resembles a harley. Looking at some images of them on the internet, they do look like they'd be hard to handle.

For the last part, I also thought that this was literal for a lightning storm while on a beach. You'd probably have the same fear and awe when you see it.

Just a few thoughts.

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Hi Mark,

The second part, I believe I was there to observe the transaction. In reality, my sister is going through a hard time in rehab and it's been brought up that we might should sell her stuff.

The first part, I'm not really sure, my dad used to race motorcycles but does not anymore. He quit when he got in a wreck.

Third part, I am literally afraid of lightning, and will not be outside when a storm hits lol.

Thank you for your thoughts, they are always appreciated =)


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