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Lockers, Shoes, Knife, Beach - Long!

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In this dream, I was at work. I was in the locker room, and there were people all around getting changed. These guys must have been from a different shift, like the one that had just finished up, because I did not feel like I was a part of that group. In fact, I had looked at a clock and saw that it was time for my shift to start, so I was going to be late by like a minute or so. I was hurrying to get changed, myself. As for the clock, it read 1:30 on the head, which I knew was my start time (it's 1:45 in real life, lately). I did think, though, that I'd be fine if I was a minute late since I'm never late any other time.

As I was changing, I was getting what I needed out of a locker and placing my clothes inside while I would be working. However, not everything that I needed was inside the locker that I was at. Then, I looked across the locker room, and I saw my usual (real life) locker, and I knew that I would need to access that one as well. So, I walked over to it and did just that, removing the things that I still needed. I noticed that this locker held nothing but white items. They were everyday things, like white shoes, socks, and a few unidentifiable items. Still, I noticed that detail in the dream.

I returned to the other side of the locker room and continued to get changed. I was already wearing socks and shoes, but I needed to put on another pair of shoes over the ones that I had on. I had to take off what I was wearing, though, to do this - I couldn't just slip them on while I was wearing what I was. It may have been that the 2nd pair of shoes had to go on underneath what I was already wearing. Whatever the reason, I removed the shoes that I had on to place one over the other. Then, I put the double-pair back on.

There was much conversation going on in the locker room. Those who were in there were making a big deal out of a couple of employees who had just entered. It seemed that these guys hadn't been around in a long time. One of them must have been a joker, because when everyone else pointed him out, I looked over and saw him sitting in the urinal (?). This, apparently, was funny to everyone. I thought it was dumb. Next, my attention was directed to someone else who had just entered. This guy made some narcissistic comments about himself, and I saw that his shirt was unbuttoned to show off his in-shape stomach. I knew that I wasn't, yet, to the same point that he was, so I left myself covered (this makes more sense in a minute).

On my way out, I interacted with one of the engineers at work. The guy informed me of a change that he had made to a process at one of the machines. In the dream, I knew what kind of rubber we were going to be running that day (it's actually what we should be running today). Basically, we're supposed to cut the rubber into two, 4-inch wide strips. The guy told me that they switched to a knife that cuts into three, 2-inch wide strips. I didn't think that this was a good idea, which upset the guy. I pointed out that this rubber was already tricky to make, and that three strips vs. two meant that the operator would have one more opportunity per batch to make a mistake (the strip may break). He said that it didn't make a difference, that the customer really didn't care about the width of the strips, and that our process would remain the same speed. I knew that it'd be slower (removing the material at 6" (3x2") at a time vs. 8" (2x4")), but I didn't voice this fact. Then, he finally admitted that he had broke the 4" knife, which is why the change had to be made in the first place.

I walked out the door to the locker room and was now on a beach. It was kinda gray out - not bright, sunny beach weather. It must have been warm, though, because someone walked up to me and said that I should change out of what I was wearing. I realized that I had on shorts, but that I had a gray sweatshirt on - one that I always wear to and from work. I knew that this probably looked a bit off, wearing a long-sleeved top with shorts. I walked to one end of the beach, looking for my family. When I reached the end, I turned around and headed to the other end. On the way, I saw one of my sisters a ways off. I kept looking, and I saw my mother - who also saw me and began to head over to where I was. I was relieved to see her. Last thing I know, I was suddenly being hugged by my other sister. She seemed to be a younger version of herself, a little smaller, and hugging me around my midsection.

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