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juewls davis 777

A mixed up dream full of many elements

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Hi all, I had a siesta and had a really mixed up dream.

i was in a room some where.....with two small children, one was a baby. i remember I was trying to escape as well as get to an audition. i had a lot of car journey's going on......but I was driving all over the place. hitting wrong destinations all the time....to finally arrive at the audition. A little late. i had a woman following me in the dream that was adamant to stop me getting to the audition. She tried every thing in her power to prevent me getting there. In the end I realised her plan and got hold of her bag and got the address. i was stuck with my children, unable to get out and get to the audition as well. So the dream was all over the place. At times I would be driving, then stuck with my children trying to escape. Then I received an urgent message to attend the audition. I decided although I knew I was being watched, to escape. i packed a suitcase and made a bed, put wheels on it and my suitcase and bags and children and began to wheel them out of the room into the street. An old ex saw me leaving and ran off to tell some one I was leaving. I ran harder, was nervous but kept going. I think I got into a car and made my escape. I got to the audition. i had no notes or preparation and they allowed me to audition, just about. The audition turned out to be a dancing audition.....and again this time two ladies were trying to hinder me, by not helping me.......find notes on dance routine. i am not sure if I completed the audition, as next I met two famous film stars and got photographed with one of them. he spoke to me then walked away and every body started following him. I met Richard Gere and we discussed his film Officer and a Gentlemen. I was now with my mum, no children were there. I also remember meeting a man who in the dream was the love of my life. I do not know this man. We were trying to be together and get to our destination. There was more, but these are the bits that stick out to me. Any idea's?

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