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A visit from an old friend....

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I dreamed last night that it was morning and I heard a noise. Looking out the window, I saw a car parked near our drive way and two ladies walking up our drive toward the house. One of the ladies was wearing a blue coat and the other was unclear, but I KNEW they had to be an old friend and her aunt.(in real life this is a very dear friend from high school that I haven't seen in probably twenty-five years or so, although we keep in touch. I have never known her family). I realized I was still wearing my pajamas and hurried to change, although the clothing I chose wasn't anything special, just ones I actually wear around the house irl. I called to my daughter who was sitting on the couch looking at a book with my son and asked that she please make sure the bathroom was picked up. I was hurrying, trying to get presentable before they knocked on the door. Then I woke up.
This dream seemed very real, with very clear details. I am realizing I dream for the most part literally, although people can represent someone else in real life. But in this dream, I named this friend and said to myself," It's her."
In real life she lives two time zones away from me.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

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