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WARNING -- epic dream

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Hello -- I could use some help mainly seeing how I can in a salt and light way minister and bring new life to this sticky family situation. It takes place at an aunt/uncle's home where I spent much time in my youth (home away from home), but because of various reasons as I entered into adulthood and got filled with the Holy Spirit at age 20, and the many difficulties I went through after that, except for the aunt, I really don't have a relationship with anyone in this household at all. Aunt is sort of a fixer/mender, may be better put that she's tried to cover over, possibly for the sake of her own family or guilt. There have been some troubles but really don't see her as the source of the trouble. Apologies for length -- rarely dream in epic.

The dream -- I'm staying at my aunt/uncle's home (Pat and Jim) and working at the kitchen sink washing up a few dishes, tidying up. I hadn't planned to stay there, but due to some unknown reason, I land there and have to stay for a while. I have a suitcase, which I also completely wash at the sink. I am seeing/noticing how clean my aunt is. Eventually upon cleaning out drawers and pulling everything out, washing all, I notice there area many places of embedded type dirt one finds on plastic items used for family service, child booster seats, etc., noting she has done much to help family and others. I also note the counter top over to the dining area has embedded dirt. Some of it is just too embedded to fix.

I go to the dining area sliding glass window and see a big hole in the back yard to the left with some dirt around it. I believe my uncle has dug a hole. I decide in the dream to help him out by filling the hole back up. So I dig a hole off to the right of back yard and am planning to use the dirt to fill in this hole, believing I am doing him a favor.

Back in the house, cousin Joni arrives with her husband and a baby son (Matthew) that she doesn't have in real life. She is surprised to see me so I try to explain why I am there. She's avoidant during the dream. Goes into the formal dining area but her cute chubby and blonde baby son Matthew is there who I am giving attention to and playing with like you would a cute little boy in the everyday dining area with me, separated by a wall, cause I have never seen him before.

Now the house is filled with Lyseth family members just as in former days -- they hosted a lot of family gatherings. I am out back visiting a picnic table that was elevated off the ground somehow, like on a wooden platform where my mother and father sit with others (my very emotionally ill mother caused much disruption in the family). I hear my mother asking -- "does anyone else here have a bare back top on?" I see she has a tank top type shirt on (mother would NEVER wear anything like that IRL and is a larger woman!!) It seems hot and dad looks old and I believe he is thirsty and set off to get him a drink of water. I note on the way inside the spot where I dug to find fill-in dirt for the big hole. On one end it is deeper but it spread over a really large area, and much of it hardly noticeable, just a bit lower than the rest of the yard. I'm wondering to myself -- "why didn't I dig a hole to get fill-in dirt near the back of their yard near the fence so it would be inconspicuous?" I go over to investigate uncle's hole. I now realize there is a metal grate at the bottom of hole, like a big drain, and realize it is being used to keep the basement from flooding. IRL the basement of this home had an occasional flooding problem during rains. I could see a large cavern beneath the drain and could see the foundations of the house were completely open.

I realize my error at trying to fill in the hole without understanding the purpose for the hole. I go back inside sliding doors. See my uncle Chester sitting on the couch and he tells his daughter Cindy that she has dirt/stuff all over her back. She is stepping outside and I volunteer to help her brush all the stuff off her back. (only thing I can think of here is that in later years I was told by an aunt and Cindy's mother that Cindy had become a very self-centered adult -- makes me wonder if this isn't the spiritual strongman I am dealing with) Cindy liked the brushing off that I gave her back, like I was giving her service that was pleasurable for her.

Went back inside and found cousin Joni, took her out back to show her what I had done in error with digging a hole. Told her I felt sort of embarrassed. Asked her where in town I could get seed to fix the problem. She gave me the name of a place, believe it was along the lines of Norlanders. She gave the directions once, but I couldn't follow or was uncertain. So back inside I again asked for very specific directions and wrote them down. It was along the lines of go north out of town on Hwy 61 and it is between Pine City and Rush City.

Again I note my cousin is avoidant with me. She takes on the appearance of a Christian church woman I had had so much trouble with 15 years ago. Had the same look in her eye. (there were acts of considerable treachery and betrayal that I experienced by both the cousin and the woman she resembled)

I had my directions and dream ended. (feel like I'm gonna need the wisdom of Solomon and the faith of Centurian on this assignment. Family dish!!)

Easter blessings everyone!


Trouble with self-centeredness I have found, it causes people to become very indifferent as well. I do see myself as being "in service" in this dream at large and not without mistakes. crying I believe I've tried to help in the past but not understood the problems really.

If I EVER had a question about whether I was seeing from God in my dreams, this dream would fix that!

Also so interesting to me is that my cousin Joni in this dream has a son with the same name as my son Matthew. While out for my walk today, thinking over what the sons with the matching names could mean, but by etymology, Matthew means gift of God, so believe it accurate to look at this situation as a gift also. Funny thing though, in spite of this dream, I really don't have a desire to get back into a close relationship with this family -- it is just such a tangled web -- though I had made multiple attempts in the past to rectify, without any success, except for occasional visits from my aunt.

The particular woman whose face I see in my cousin, I had received strange discernment that she wasn't consciously aware of what she was doing, only subconscious. That was confirmed after I forgave the woman and she then came to me and told me the Lord told her exactly the same thing -- that she wasn't consciously aware of what she had been doing.

The strangest part of this dream is the hole the father has dug trying to protect, cause when thinking about it a big drain like this will actually cause water to pour into an absolutely unprotected house foundation. My "mistaken" attempts would have helped plugged up the drain. Reminds me of scripture that tells us if we lose our life for the sake of the gospel we will find it, but if we try to protect our lives, save ourselves, we will lose it. Often the things we believe will protect us will actually undermine us spiritually. My wishing I had dug a hole way out back by the fence may be a wish I could have solved the problem a long time ago. Just didn't see this family issue brewing at all. what

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