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Space shuttle in Mexico...

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I dreamed I went to Mexico to my aunt's and uncle's vacation home. It was very peaceful and had a beautiful blue sky. My aunt took me to this little store and told me that I needed to buy a certain bikini top. I told her that I wear a one-piece, but reasoned that I could wear a t-shirt over it. She also had me buy a camera that had a lens that a professional photographer would use. I thought to myself that I already had a regular camera, but I bought the new one anyway.

As we were making our way to the beach (this was strange because it looked like an airport/amusement park, with lots of concrete) and all of a sudden a huge and fast space shuttle zoomed over our heads and was heading toward the sun. Then, a satellite did the same thing. It zoomed over our heads and then shot up straight towards the sun. I was in complete awe! And for some reason, I knew they had come from the U.S.
That is all I remember.

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