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A Fantasy Game and Hispanic Woman

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The dream began with me and members of my family standing around waiting to play some game. This was a real-life, physical game. Somehow, it had a fantasy theme to it - like with bows and arrows and such. We started in this dead-end hallway, and there were doorways that ran along the sides of it. Enemies would come out from the doors and we'd have to shoot them. Even though we were on the same team, we were still competing with each other to some extent. If you defeated an enemy, there was a chance of it leaving a reward of some type. These rewards were small pouches, like envelope shaped. Each one, while small, could contain a rather high-valued reward.

At one point in the game, the best course of action seemed to be to climb up a tower and strike from the roof. I climbed up the outside of it (I don't think you could get to the top any other way), and there were other people there as well. My sister also joined me. Once we were up top, I was careful to stay away from the edge of the tower. There was a lot of action happening on the top of the tower from the other people, and I was afraid of falling over the side. At this point, I looked at what I had collected so far: Three pouches, I believe. My sister acted as if she would take one or all of my pouches, and I threatened to toss her over the side if she tried to do so - this sounds awful! She didn't try to take them, though, because I had made it so clear that I meant business.

The game ended, and those of us who had climbed the tower climbed back down. I joined up with a few others from my family as we walked up some steps to a large apartment building. I remember my cousin being a part of this as well.

Inside the building, we walked up some steps to the 2nd floor, which led right into an apartment. I looked back down the stairs and saw a very large hispanic woman at the bottom. I knew that she wished to speak to us, but I avoided any eye contact that would initiate a conversation. We closed the door behind us and chit-chatted for a minute.

The woman came to the door, and I saw that there was no avoiding a conversation. I opened it, and she tried to talk to us...but she couldn't speak English. I had an idea of what she was wanted to say. Somehow, her young son had joined our group and would be with us for a time while she was away doing something else. So, she was trusting us while they were apart. I stepped up and addressed her in Spanish, breaking any barriers to conversation. This brought some relief to the situation, and she told us what she had wanted to say all along. Basically, she was concerned for what the boy would hear by being in this group - she wanted him to be safe from bad language. I told her that I couldn't make any promises, but that I would do what I could. I wanted her to understand that I couldn't control completely control the actions of everyone else, but that I'd try.

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