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Oil spill on the carpet

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Hello sisters and brothers, I am looking for confirmation on this dream I had last night.

I was with a few relatives in someone's home, I dont know who's home it was. One of my aunt's was sitting at the end of a couch leaning on the arm rest with a plate in her hand eating. I walk over and sat down next to her. Somehow, when I sat down, I accidentally made her drop her plate and it fell off to the side of the couch on to the carpet. I'm not sure if I knocked her arm or just the motion of me sitting and jolting the couch but I apologized and got up to help clean it up. When I look at the spill it wasn't food, it was oil ( typical yellowish color oil). As I was helping her I mentioned that we needed some type of powdery substance to absorb the oil from the carpet, so she brought baking powder to me. I even mentioned that I have once used Oxy clean powder to soak up a spill. lol
Anyway, my thought when I woke up was focused on the oil, not on how I cleaned it up even though it was funny that I offered a suggestion on how to clean it. But it was strange that she was eating, but it was oil that spilled...and it was a good amount of oil. thats what sticks out to me.

Thank you in advance, God Bless!!

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