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Can someone give me information on the number 9

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Blessing all!

It has been over 6 years since I have been seeing the number 9 jump at me(for awhile it was number 8 also,but it stop),but it has been getting more intense with my encounters with this number...I have done research and nothing really has capture my attention. If someone could give me some idea or a point of refrence where I can study the meaning of this number...It's literally smacking me everytime I see it.

One recent example... I felt impressed to buy some black sneaker(last time I bought black sneakers 1993) I am not a big fan of black sneakers, anyways...I felt impress to buy them. So head over to the store and as I am walking towards the back of the store to the men's section; I see a pair a black sneaker and sense those where the one's I needed to buy(that's before I even picked them up, to look at them) I get to them, pick them and I said to myself these are the one's and then i looked at the price and I also saw the name of the sneakers DART 9...lol. I about flipped'. so, now I am wearing 9, but I countinue to see this number.

your help will greatly be appreciate.

God bless and thanks :)

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