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faceless man Jill Scott and a runaway car

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The dream opens up with me moving out of a home I am sharing with someone (can’t see them) who seems to be my mother. I am not mad, it feels like I am just walking away, moving on. The dream switches to me standing on a bridge in a city, I am relaxing, the weather is good, the view is great. I am then in the passenger seat of a truck as Jill Scott is driving. I am watching her. The truck is a red F150. She pulls up and parks on the bridge. I am then watching her from the bridge as she gets out in a red jumpsuit and puts on harness. She then goes parasailing off the bridge. I am watching her and is happy. The word freedom runs across my mind in the dream. The dream then shifts to first-person. I have borrowed a VW bug, that has a mural painted on it. I am looking for something in a small, artsy town. I pull up to a store and I get out. The car then drives away, with no driver. I am upset because I borrowed the car. The car drives down the street, then turns the corner and disappears. I go in the store for help. There is a man and his mother (my dream self knows this even thought it not spoken). They are white. He has brown curly hair, shaggy be but attractive, but I can’t make out his face clearly. I am about to tell them about the car, but before I can he tells his mother he will help me. We all leave the store and go to another small store vintage clothing store, so that they can ask if the owner has seen the car. He is sitting on the couch next to his mother who is sitting on a chair, I am standing in front of him, between him and a coffee table. We are knee to knee, even thought he is sitting down. His mother is to my right. The windows are open in the store, and to my left 3 dresses are displayed hanging across the top of a closet door. The dresses are simular to the one I have on. I look down at him, but I can’t make out his face, but he is looking back at me. His eyes are brown. As he is looking back at me, I know without him telling me that he used to be a professional (doctor, maybe?) but something happened and he left his career and moved back home. He does not hate his mother, but she gets on his nerves with her opinions about everything. I know this without him telling me, without a word mentioned. His mother then starts to talk about the dresses on the door and the wind blows showing that there are actually 4 dress on the door. The hidden dress is similar to the one I have on. She says young women have no self-respect regarding they way they dress. The dresses are modest, and I look down at my dress and then I look at him he gives me a knowing look. I then say to her that I dress like that and I have been celibate for 6 years (true). Then I wake up. Upon waking I am happy and I feel good. Can someone help me with this?

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