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I am use to dreaming of sexual intercourse with either someone I know or a strange face

I am also use to seeing old secondary school mates either in school premises or other strange places even after leaving secondary school 10 years ago

Sometimes i see myself running,sweating and even escaping death and when i wake up, I feel exhausted like it all happened in real life

Recently I moved closer to God and been praying. I no longer get exhausted from my dreams.Last week I dreamt seeing myself shooting with a big gun,fighting for long hours and I wasn't exhausted when I woke up

What baffles me in the incessant sexual intercourse in dream.just yesterday I dreamt I slept with an old woman when I'm a lady.Prior to sleeping with the woman in my dream,I had declined stealing the church's money. In the same dream,after been caught with the woman I saw myself running in a bush for my life till I got to a new place with people that spoke different language from mine but I was happy I escaped and I met and made new friends there.

Then this morning I dreamt I was left alone in the house and there was heavy storm.I saw myself struggling through , the storm was sloping me backwards but I kept pushing till it came to a calm and I arranged everything that had fallen off in the right place.Then I saw myself in a strange room waiting with my bags of cloth and shoes.suddenly i was searching for the second leg of my shoe but the woman there kept giving me a different leg dat wasn't a match.in the dream, I got to know she was hiding the second leg in a place but I was calm because I had reported to the security and they had joined in the search.In that dream,my boyfriend was with me and he kept telling me to calm down.Then suddenly i saw myself half naked ,only a top on and my boyfriend and I were close to having sexual intercourse in the presence of the crowd in the room we were waiting.I woke up but before I did,I was worried about the second leg of my shoe i was yet to pick from where it was hidden .

My observation from my dream is recent times that have been prayerful.the dream starts happy and victorious but ends with sexual intercourse.I am so worried.Please what could all this dream mean?

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DO you know of any brothers or sisters that are powerful prayer warriors? My daughter had the same thing with the sex dreams, and after I prayed for her they never returned.

My advice about those is to get prayer from someone who can pray fervently and powerfully, not everybody can or does. Once you do, they will stop. It is spiritual.

One thing that will help with interpretations is to post your dreams seperately.


Let us know how it goes.

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