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Girl with autistic disorder delivered in a parcel

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I was chatting our youth leader and worship leader in one of the house of our ministry where we work and also use it as an accommodation. The main door downstairs was opened. We were chatting and then we saw two men coming to our door. So I ran downstairs to shut it. I was quite scared because there were two strong men standing and I thought they were thief.
I quickly rushed trying to close the door and they were trying to open it saying they were delivering the parcel. I didn't believe. I shut the door and asked our youth leader to come down. And she spoke to them through the window downstairs and I was staying behind her.
That parcel was for her. She opened the door, those two men who came on two cars gave her a parcel and asked her to look after a girl. The girl was with autistic disorder I could say this straight away just looking at her.
And they told our youth leader that they were going to give her money and food, all she needed... and food she could take as much as she needed... only to look after that girl. Autistic Girl was Dutch by the way.
And youth leader and another guy (very communicative)... spoke Dutch with her, even they cannot speak, but they were able to make contacts with autistic girl and she was very happy.
Help please :)

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