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Car stolen, then replaced with a other car

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I dreamt that I took my car (in the dream a 2004/5 white bmw) for a wash in my home town. As I was watching them wash my car, I noticed they were "washing" it with domestic brooms and actually applying white paint to the one side, but very unneat. I approached them angry telling them to wash it off. I walked off to where I was standing. I turned around and my Spiritual Father and his wife was standing there. I was arguing with her due to the fact that she inquired to where my parents were. I told her that I did not appreciate this as she is wanting to know where they are cause she wants to pursue them with legal action (which is true in real life due to a business transaction gone bad).. He was standing there and I said to her whenever he sees me, he wants to know how I AM doing and that i appreciate.

I heard the people washing my car saying they need to take my car to a different car wash, Rainbow war wash, to have to cleaned properly. I was still distracted due to this fight with this woman.

At some point in the dream I realized that they had actually stolen my car, I then ran into the road to see them drive off with my car, but it then being a Nissan Sentra, (a car which I was driving in my first year as youth pastor in this same town)... I called the tracking company, but not the police. They showed me a type of screen. I saw various "police" on the screen but not my car. I then realized the car was not insured.

I then turned around and walked back to the car wash area. As i turned around i was in a parking lot seeing my car (the Nissan Sentra). It was bit different. Instead of the original wheels, it had 4 different sets of wheels. I then proceeded to run towards the car with a "air gun" in my hand. As i came running towards them, the car came towards me.

I shot at the car's windshield. the Driver aimed a 9mm out of the window towards me, but stopped and got out in surrender. I then proceeded to the car and ensure their guns were made safe, disabling it. I looked inside the car and everything was as it originally was, except the outside the wheels was different. I actually looked at the odo meter seeing the numbers 291000. Then the dream ended.

Now this car, the Nissan Sentra, was my fathers car which i drove while i served as youth pastor in that town, before leaving there to go to another ministry, but i have never received a release from this ministry and at various times still yearn to be serving in this ministry.

The BMW i was originally washing in the dream is a car I am currently looking at buying.

I serve in a new church for the last 2 years, but do it just is not working the way it should. I am currently very discontent within this ministry.

Last night my girlfriend dreamt I came to tell her my car I am currently driving was stolen, although i was holding keys in my hand. Just not sure of it was the car keys or house keys.

I have received two new offers to go to other churches. I feel as if God is warning me about something, but I cannot see what.

Please help with an interpretation

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