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I saw myself in the driver seat of a car and then saw the car reversing backwards at great speed.

I remember feeling fearful that the car would end up crashing into something behind me. A good male friend I know the started to run after the car to try and stop it. I did not crash into anything and then I woke up from the dream.

Would be grateful for an interpretation.



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Hello, Fatima -

Being in the driver's seat of a car can symbolize your own waking life - and something you're in direct control of. To be reversing backwards at great speed would likely be something that also is in reverse in real life. To be in reverse, I think of losing ground or any forward progress made. Does that fit for anything going on in your life?

The positive message in this dream is that help is on the way.

You said that you didn't crash in the dream, which is a good thing. Did the car come to a stop before you woke up?


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