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The Second coming and working

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In this dream I was standing to the right of my boyfriend at a makeshift table with maybe a 2x4 piece of wood laid across teh "work bench" we were working on a project steadily. Our children were playing (he has 3 boys and I have one girl) I believe there was an extra younger female child in a long dress. My boyfriend and I were facing East I believe, when out of nowhere (it was maybe midday) an amazing harmonic sound like silk to my ears filled the air, the light was so bright and beautiful but it did not sting my eyes. I heard my boyfriend grunt. I remember thinking no it is not time for this, I have so much work to do I am not finished. I am unsure at what my boyfriend said, maybe don't delay, or it is all going to be okay now just go, forget about everything else I don't know. All of a sudden I stopped worrying and stopped what I was doing and took off running toward Christ. I remember a kind woman with a round face smiling at me, and short gray curly hair. Christ was smiling and there were people all around. Some of the dream felt off, not right, and some of it was peaceful and joyous but I felt as if the message may not have been clear because there was something deceptive about it. I did not believe that is was Christ and at first the facial expression was almost I dont know, menace or just not right until I ran to Him. The dream ended I believe before I made it to his arms. Because the emotions in the dream were conflicting, I am unsure of the message.

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