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Sandy hook Victims

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I want to present this dream with the up most respect. This has been on my heart since I dreamed it.
I did not understand the dream at the time and knew nothing of this sight.
I was in my grandmothers backyard on kind of the side of her house, I was ushering small children to go in a "basement" (there is no actual basement there) area under the house. I remember thinking in the dream that was where they had to go to be safe but I did not know from what. My biological father was an "angel" or spiritual being in the dream. Two blondes stood out in particular, one little girl questioned me and asked me why, I told her I did not know why she just had to go under the house. She did not want to go. The entire group, who were talking and not really paying attention had to be ushered in. My biological dad overseeing the whole thing. The next day I went to work with a fear in my chest that I was going to be shot because I had upset a co-worker the days before. I felt as if it would for sure happen. It reminded me of all the shootings that we have heard about in the past few years. After hearing about the horrible shooting I looked up online the pictures of the victims and sure enough the blonde little girl that spoke to me was one of the first I saw. I dream often, and my dreams have often been difficult to understand. I feel extreme guilt and sadness when I speak of the dream. I honestly had no idea what I was dreaming. sigh

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