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gracee (lionhgirl)

The confrontation

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I was inside a store where I knew my ex boyfriend worked. He walked up to me and said, what are you doing here?? He was very angry with me. I wasn't sure how to react. He said, "people keep telling me that you’ve been coming in here". I knew that it was true so I didn't say anything - (I woke up unsure why i was going in there). He paced back and forth in front of me and kept saying “After all this time why are you here, why are you back? One woman was egging him on, telling him to get me. I asked for some privacy. The woman said something mean, and I said, aren’t you a Christian? I know I’ve made some mistakes, I’m not perfect, but you’re on stage, you’re a worship leader.

Then me and my ex are standing outside on the pavement. I was defending myself and he was mocking me. I felt hurt but in some way he was justified in being angry. I look down at my foot and realise it's bleeding badly. He was happy that I was in pain, and that it looked like I fell over. But he got down and put pressure on it. He used scissors to cut around the wound. At this point I felt concerned because I didn't know what he was doing. I thought he could very easily hurt me right now. But when he was finished my foot had stopped bleeding. He showed me the main vein in my foot still intact and how this was a good thing. I was surprised that he had helped me. He said, I’m glad I’m not with you anymore. I said, yeah me too. And we both left in different directions. There was no emotion, just 2 statements.

I went back into his store and there was a dresser with all my things. I knew I needed to get my stuff out of the there ASAP. I starting packing my books and realised I couldn’t take everything in one go. The books were really heavy and there was a lot more to go. Then I open the drawers and I find all these art supplies that belonged to me that I had forgotten about and I was so happy. It was expensive to buy so I’m excited to find it. I open another drawer and there's my watch. It has golden touches and gold writing on the face. I'm surprised to see a man walk in with a trolley to help me take all the heavy things and I was happy that I could take everything in one go, and not have to return.
I leave the store and I look down at my phone. I see there's a message, I open it and instead of opening in my phone, it opens on another phone. So now I'm holding 2 iphones, and I did it again, so I had 3 iphones in one hand. I walk over the street and see my family. I knew we were going to get some photos developed. Afterwards we all walk into an Indian restaurant and sit at a table ordering our main meals.

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