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Jesus washed my feet

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Hello Brothers & Sisters,
I had a dream recently and I was in Israel and Jesus was in front of me and He told me he was going to show me where He lived. So I followed Him back to His house where he sat me down and He started to wash my feet not because He had to but almost humbly submissive and I was astonished that He was doing it. And afterward He gave me some bread to eat and sat on a chair in front of me also with some bread, and as I finished mine I snatched His and He fell off His chair. I was horrified I had just hurt Jesus I thought but upon running to Him and falling on Him I realized He was laughing which caused me to aswel. I lifted Him up and was so excited i said Lord come I have to show you to my family at which point He stopped me and said "Son, You searched for me and found Me, they have to find me themselves" and while it upset me I understood. End

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