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Battle of Geniuses

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This dream had me inside of a movie, and I was an observer - not a participant. The premise of the movie was that a small group of really intelligent young people were doing terrorism stuff - blowing things up, kidnapping, etc. Honestly, they were nerds, but they were amazingly intelligent.

Now, the main hero was also a nerd. Apparently, those who were the victims of the terrorist nerds had brought this guy in to help them. The guy was reluctant to be involved - a little sleepy, a little lazy...and he felt a little outmatched by the number of opponents he had to take on by himself. Still, he finally accepted the responsibility and went to work fighting the terrorist nerds.

Multiple scenes flashed by. In one of them, the hero was racing around the city (which felt like my own city) in a car while talking to the group on a cell phone. The person he was speaking to was trying to convince him to join their side, but the guy refused...and in a snarky way. While the group was harrassing him on the phone to join them, they would randomly throw really difficult math questions at him in the middle of the conversation. The guy was answer the question, and then see that the question actually related to an attack. For example, one question had to do with how fast he was travelling - a velocity and distance question - and when he answered, it actually helped the enemy know when to attack him because they would know how soon he'd be arriving at one of their traps. The hero would narrowly avoid getting caught, though.

The only other scene I remember was where the hero had apparently rescued someone. The hero's sister was there, speaking to someone nearby. She said something about how she knew he wouldn't join the enemy, and commented on his purity.

Watching this "movie" was really emotional - inside, I was really cheering for this hero in everything he did.

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