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I was demon possessed//HELP PLZ

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I had a dream about two weeks ago, It started out that I was hiding from others and especially from my mother. I did not want her to see the demon inside of me. I knew it would scare her. I was able to turn myself into a frog and slip through the door and hide under a porch until she was gone.
Once she had left I went back into human form and was in my bathtub fully dressed, two of my friends arrived and the next thing I knew I was in my living room and they were praying, speaking in tongues and casting the demons from me. I literally felt it was real. I was arching and contorting my body in ways no human should be able to and I was levitating above the floor.
I woke up from this dream but wanted to finish it which sounds crazy but I was able to go right back to sleep and did continue my dream. Once I was asleep I remember black smoke coming from my mouth and then I was spewing green vomit.
My friends in the dream seemed so at peace after this. I felt totally free and so light after and then I awoke,
I have only been back in church the past 4 months but was raised in church my entire life. I recently rededicated my life to the Lord. I feel closer to God than I ever have. He has revealed many things to me in the past few months. I feel God is giving me dreams, I have felt for a long time that I am to be a seer for the Lord but I am just now praying like I should and diving into His word. I am just now ready to accept the gift. I have always been a vivid dreamer but this was so realistic and it feels as of I could say I actually now know what it feels like to be demon possessed. Satan does not live inside of me and I know that but I am unsure if this was a dream from satan or from God and I am not sure what it means. Please help if possible
Thanks! -A-

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Hi Ally,

Does any part of the dream resemble anything from real life? Like the hiding perhaps?

Did you have any feelings in the dream? I can see the feeling of lightness there, any others? Mia wrote something great about feelings in dreams, I will find a link for you :) /t9505-feelings-in-dreams She said: "In dreams, the dreamers feelings often foretell what they WILL feel during the manifestation of the dream in the future! Another value of feelings in dreams, they give me an answer as to what is the outcome.

It is just my opinion, but maybe you've had this dream for someone else? If it were me, I would pray about it as if that were the case, I would pray for whomever it ended up being, and I would pray for wisdom to be there at the right time if God called me to help them.

That's not an interpretation Ally :) It's just what I would do with it if it were my dream.

Blessings :) Diane

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