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My dad's sixty-five year old dream....relevant for today!!

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My dad and I were talking today and the topic of dreams and dream interpretation came up. He told me about a dream he had as a child, when he was about eight years old. He said he had never been able to forget it and has often wondered what it meant.
He said he and his mother were standing in the cemetery (in real life this is the cemetery all his family, including grandparents are buried in). He said flames began shooting out of the earth, from the graves. He was holding his mother's hand and felt much fear. She told him they had to get out of there. They ran from the cemetery, across the gravel road and up the hill. When they reached the hill they looked back and saw the flames devouring the cemetery and his mother told him they were now safe. He knew they were the only ones who had made it out.

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