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Last Night's Dream of New Tenants Upstairs

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Last night's dream about a duplex house that has often been about division --

I was living in the lower level of this home when I am made aware that we have new tenants moved in upstairs. My brother Gary is there visiting me also. This dream was not remembered entirely clearly when I awoke. However, I do remember seeing what I believe was 2 men and a woman and several children. I also remember seeing the dark-haired pretty woman out possibly getting ready to sing in a public place, such is common for people to do at clubs.

At one point in the dream I am touring around in the upstairs apartment, meeting the people. Notably the apartment layout is pretty much the same as it is downstairs, though in this house IRL the layout was different than downstairs -- makes me think of -- as in heaven, so on earth. I also remember them saying that the children stay in the back bedroom mostly. And I had thoughts of telling them about the two 3rd floor rooms above, thinking of the children for play. I did have a snippet of seeing the new tenants outside the window as well but nothing definitive going on.

God bless you for reading! Rose

Wonder of the 3 new tenants -- 2 males and 2 female -- could be the Father, son and Holy Spirit -- wow

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