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Four corners of a field with a centered small house, flowerbed, gravestones, family, field, planting seeds

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Hi all, not sure if this is about my own family or my church family? Would appreciate any thoughts.

I stood by a big fenced in field. There were 4 corners, in each corner was a tree. I knew I could/would build a house next to each of the 4 trees. I looked at the big tree to my right and thought of building a ranch style house next to it.
I then looked to the center of the field and saw a small house. I was now standing at this house. I was then aware of my eldest son, he had made an outline in the soil, starting at the house and stretching out, it was to be a flower bed. I then saw 3 big grave stones and 2 or three smaller ones (I didn't focus on the smaller ones). These gravestones were on the edge, within the outline of this flower bed. (I didn't think death or anything like that, I actually thought they were lovely). I knew my son was going to plant flowers in this flowerbed. I became aware that my husband and youngest son were also there.

I was then standing and watching my husband and my youngest son. We were in the field but a little away from the center house, it felt like my husband was showing my son to plant seeds in the soil in the field.

Family info, my husband is not as yet reborn that's why I'm unsure that it is my actual hubby that is showing my son to plant seeds. My two sons IRL have come to Christ but the Lord has been showing me that they need care and nurturing. Just sharing this in case this is dream is about my own household.

Thank you & Blessings

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