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Love & emotions

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I was sitting in the back of a delivery van. There was a man (delivery man) & his girlfriend in the front. I wasn't interacting with them & watched their interaction. They did not appear to truly "click". In the same dream, on another occasion, I was with him at work. We were sitting in the break room with a female co-worker (I seemed to be acquainted with her) and their boss bought us each a cup of coffee. The delivery guy & I began interacting in a loving manner. I tasted the coffee & it was a little bitter. I saw a container so I asked if it was sugar, but it wasn't & they didn't have any. Then we walked outside. The guy hugged & kissed me and told me he loved me. He said his job had good benefits & what type of bills he could afford at the time. He said he didn't know how just yet, but we would make it work. I felt butterflies & deeply in love the entire time we were interacting. I said ok & he left with his boss. I couldn't ride along b/c I wasn't an employee & couldn't ride in the company vehicle. The female co-worker & I were sitting on the "porch" & she said she couldn't understand why I was in a relationship w/ him. I told her that people change & you can't always hold them to who they used to be. I said I loved him & he made me happy. I felt butterflies even as I was speaking about him. She said ok, she guessed, but sounded sarcastic. The dream was then over. They had faces, but either I can't remember them or God
ust hasn't revealed them to me yet.

Prophetic or symbolic? Analysis please! Any thoughts are welcomed!

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