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Dream physically manifested but symbols?

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Hey guys, am writing on behalf of friend who recently opened to idea of dream language and as result is getting more dreams.
This dream was physically made manifest the next day but she is wondering what the symbols reveal?
She was on the beach .in front of her is a person she has discipled thru hard trials..the disciplee is looking at 2 people (known from church), who are sitting at a table positioned in the water..the disciplee revealed one lady in the water has warned her that the other lady at the table has a Spirit and is wanting to hurt my friend. She also said shes sitting at the table keeping an eye on her.
The result in the dream is the diciplee acting like a bear angry like wanting to claw the lady who has been accused of having a spirit.
The next day, it became clear that yes one lady had said this too the diciplee and as a result the diciplee who has in past had mental health issues to overcome, was battling rage when around the accused...
We are wondering what the beach represents here...my friend made point the shoreline went on for ages..n why were ladies in water?
Possibly because done in flesh?

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