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Dream about a white kitten

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A week ago, I woke up from a very lovely dream. There was someone else in my church last year who I knew was praying about me (through his communication with a third party) and was pursuing me that I ignored as I said I was not ready. I've been praying for him a lot since mid last year and not heard anything negative about him from God. In the dream, we went to see my dad in another country. It seemed like we were there holidaying. The thing I loved about this dream was I woke up to a voice in my ears saying the relationship was angelic. This guy spoke very few words and was so peaceful. He gave my son a very white peaceful kitten as a gift but as soon as he realized my son was scared of it, he took it and I remember him holding on to the extremely white kitten that had injured itself on a broken bottle. Not once did I touch it though. We never argued or fought or disagreed about anything in the dream. As I said, he was very calm and just too lovely. This person, I've never spoken to but seen once. Just a few days ago, I learnt he was seen with a new lady and they were very touch with each other although they were not married. I am just confused that this revelation came after the dream I had

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