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A dream about someone in my church

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2 months ago, I had my first dream about this person in my church. It was along the lines of him wanting a relationship but I ignored him and just brushed it off
2 weeks ago, I dreamed he was ardently pursuing me to the extent that I thought he was stalking me. He was so emotional and kept telling me 'Pastor said this is the month for me as he has not seen me like this in a while'. Again, I ignored him..
End of last week, I dreamed about him again but this time, there was no communication as we just stared into each other's eyes intensely for about 5 mins. I felt really really strange, a very warm feeling and just absolutely love towards him but again I walked away from him and ignored him

I've seen this person a few times and is not even someone I am close to. I mean there is the odd 'hello' or 'conversation in passing' but I have never thought about him in a 'husband-like' way. I have recently learnt that he is single.

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