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billbo baggings

Half Angel Men, A Baptist Preacher & a friend I love.

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I was visiting a Baptist church, that was rather new and small in membership. I could discern that the pastor believed in miracles signs & wonders but did not want to teach on it yet, as it was still new to him and his congregation. There were a few women and children but mainly males who were there soaking up the word... After the service was over I was fellowshiping with a few people before a group of church mothers were talking about a really good female friend that I have a great deal of affection for.....She just announced that she was getting married to someone whom I just knew in my spirit was not right for her. The mothers were speaking in hushed tones and saying that she should wait and that it may be a big mistake. I felt a little sadness abd disappointmented for her. I left the church at night and headed to someone house. What I noticed was these half torsos of men wearing swim goggles and they had big white wings that flapped defensively...I was wondering " Whats up with that?" I heard someone mention those were placed there to deter that bad birds that showed up..... They were attached to telephone poles and chimmneys. I then entered the home and went to shower and an orange Morris the cat that lived there came up to me. I laughed and tried to pet it but it was scared of water...then I squirted it with the refreshing shower water and it moved away...It was scared of the water and now it was scared of me.. I laughed and finished my shower... Can anyone make sense of this please?

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