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at the ritz hotel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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i was in a city ,,i was gonna meet my mom 4 lunch, a cafe, ,,somewer simple,, then that wasnt gonna werkout, so go 2 bakup plan, this large old werld flash hotel, its lite yellow on the outside, about 12 levels,,i see it about 3-400 yards away, i walk ,, i get inside ,,its cosy an luxery,,,wait staff everywer, lookin afta me,, im in a dinner suit, i speak a lill french, ,,i go 2 the dineing room, my table is elevated above the others,,my mom is ther,, but i hav2 navagate the room 2 get 2 the table, thers kids ther at ther table, in dinna suits,,cute,, i have2 stand on ther table 2 get 2 my level, they hav desserts/cakes all ova ,i tryg not 2 step in them ,,im telling the 5yr olds how awkwerd this is, ,,but stand on ther table redy 2 step ova,

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