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Car accident dream....please help

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I am really struggling with 2 dreams I got after asking God for confirmation on something my mom told me. She said God showed her a scripture in the Bible that said...

"With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk. All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer stepping into a noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life." Psalm 7:21-23

Then she told me that God told her something life threatening is going to happen to my ex husband Ben and that I am supposed to prepare my children. I did not know what to think at first but I had this strange sense of peace and not fear. I was not alarmed at all, which actually alarmed me. I got the sense that it would almost be Gods mercy which was a strange thought to be having I thought. I decided to pray about it and told God I needed him to confirm this if it was from him.

A little background on my ex...I left him 3 years ago after 18 years of marriage. I left him after he spent the weekend with a stripper. He has been addicted to porn since he was in 2nd grade and it has sucked the life out of him. He has turned from God and has given in to his addictions. He dated a very destructive stripper and she has a hold on him. We have 2 children 17, 19 who are watching all this unfold. My daughter is having a really hard time with all of this and with accepting my new husband into her life.

Then I had 2 dreams.....

This dream was vague in the beginning ...I was there the whole time but not really. Almost like I was there but invisible. Ben(my ex) was parting drinking and hanging with girls etc. I seemed to be in the front seat where the steering wheel would be but almost hovering above the car. He was in the backseat but was in charge of where the car was going somehow. all of a sudden He swerved because he was not paying attention and went into oncoming traffic. I knew what that meant and felt it coming, I knew he was going to die. the cars collided and there were 2 totaled cars on the side of the road. Then his brother Noel & Remi (his wife) were on the scene tying to make it look like someone else was driving the cars, I got the sense that they were trying to cover up something.
I felt very concerned and I wondered immediately of this was a dream telling me that what my mom predicted about Ben was true. Part of me felt like it was a conformation and part of me still wondered. But it definitely felt like a dream from God

Second dream...

Craig(my new husband) and I were in our house, it was an apartment type house and we were not on the ground level. Alyssa(my daughter) was there and I am not sure if she was sick or tired but I got the sense she needed comfort and so she went into the bedroom to sleep. Somehow I knew that Ben was on his way to our house and he wasn't happy. We were prepared for something bad. He went up the stairs and came to our door and then left, very angry, so I went into the room where Alyssa is and looked out the window. I saw Ben driving away squealing his tires in a yellow truck which had a trailer. He was swerving and cutting off people down the street when all of the sudden without hitting any cars he jumped the side rail and landed the truck on its side...almost the top. He got out of the truck quick and tried to jump on his snowmobile but he was injured and couldn't ride. He was trying to leave the scene but couldn't and people came and threw him over their shoulder and I could see his face and He was badly hurt and I got the feeling he was not going to make it. I can't remember for sure but I think I had to go back to the house and tell Alyssa her dad might not make it. Her response shocked me... she said "lets go to the mall" and we walked out the door.

I woke up with my heart pounding in a jolt....I was overwhelmed by the intensity and the reality of it....it felt like a warning like a gimps into the future...but not fear...there was not fear...more of a conformation feeling that what I had heard was true.

I feel like this is God telling me that what she said is true...what I am stuck with is what should I do? Is this a literal dream or more symbolic. I have read the symbols and a lot of them seem to apply. This is such a big deal that I don't want to miss anything. I have dreams all of my life and I have just started really looking into how much he tells me in them. I want to know more about how to interpret my dreams correctly. I dream a lot of dreams that do come true. I had a dream a tornado was coming at out house and I told it to turn in Jesus name and it did....that actually happened, it turned and went down the street instead of hitting us. I feel like a lot of my dreams are close to what really happens so this is a lot to take in. I would appreciate any council from people who get warning dreams, and how to handle it the right way.

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In the book of Genesis Pharoah has two similar dreams. Joseph said that because he had two similar dreams back to back that it meant that it had been established and it was surely going to come to pass. Genesis 41:32. Joseph was able to interpret the dreams as given by God to prepare the nation for what was to come.

I will keep this in prayer for you and your family.

God bless Marla

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