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Casket and A Church

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I had this dream a year ago and it is still nagging me. I cannot shake it off or get it out of my mine. I hope someone will be able to assist me or provide some guidance. I am praying for an answer! I dreamed that I was standing on side of a dirt road. There were people (women) in the middle of the road raking, sweeping, or doing some type of work. There was an automobile in the middle of the road and they was working around the automobile. The women was from a church organization or denomination that I use to be in. I was wondering why they was working in the middle of road. I looked down the road and I saw a casket being hauled along with the tombstone in front and the flowers. The strangest thing about it was that no one was caring it but it was moving. Behind it was a church , which belong or somehow was associated with the casket that was being hauled. But the church was being hauled by a chariot There were two men in colorful armour and the horse hauling the church. I watch the church as it came down the road. It actually looked like a whole entire grave and everything thing that was on the grave and the church had been uprooted. After the casket and the church passed by me, it turned into a path which lead to a field. At the point the casket and the church were not visible. It became out of sight. I felt in the dream that it went in some type of graveyard.

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