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Two Black Cats In My Bedroom

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I was in my room at home. I was just waking up to start my day. I thought to myself about calling in for work. Apparently, I had texted work instead of calling in, and the text message didn't quite make sense: I had typed my name, my employee number, and then I asked if I wasn't going to be in....rather than just say, "I'm taking a personal day." I thought that I should have just called the call-in line instead of doing it this way.

While I was standing next to my bed, reviewing this text message, I felt something furry under my bed with my foot. I instantly knew it was a cat, and I expected it to be one of the two that my mother has - the small, black, scrappy-looking cat with a bad eye. I went to make my bed and the cat revealed itself. To my surprise, there were two cats. They both sat/lay at the foot of my bed, making it difficult to make my bed. I looked at them, expecting one to be the cat that I just mentioned. They were both black and the same small size, but neither one was the one with a bad eye. I realized that these were two cats that I haven't met before. They were cute and purring and all, and this created some conflict in me about them. I was not happy that I had these two cats dumped on me - even if they were given with good intentions. I knew that my mother had done this. However, the cats weren't to blame, and I could feel attachment starting to form. I also thought that while my mother had given these to me, I had gotten rid of everything needed to own a cat when lost Elsie a year ago. First thing I thought of: I no longer had a litter box. With that thought, I was even more concerned for the moment. I realized that I had been asleep all night with the door closed and so these cats would not be able to leave if they had to go to the bathroom. I panicked, thinking that they may have made a mess somewhere in my room....but, they hadn't. The dream ends with me opening the bedroom door.

In real life, I am taking a personal day from work today. I'm also on the fence as to whether my mother is literal or not. She wouldn't just give me two cats, so that's not literal. She could also represent the Lord, which she has in other dreams.

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