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Dream about ex, Overly Expensive Movie Theater

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I had a dream the other night that there was this particular movie theater in town (this one doesn't exist here, but only in my ex's city) And, to give you some history in real life, me and someone who I loved very much had to part ways due to difficulties in our relationship, but in the city where she lives, she has this fairly fancy looking movie theater, anyways, in my dream this theater existed in my city as well, and for whatever reason, I decided to go to this theater. Didn't know what was showing, just thought I'd go and buy a ticket. However, in the dream the tickets themselves were very expensive, I had to pay $60. (It should also be interesting to note that I paid with American money in the dream while I live in Canada, however, in real life, at the moment I have more US funds in my wallet than Canadian funds, even though I'm not using the US funds) I move over to the concessions stand, and pick up a can of pop and box of popcorn, and it came to only $4.25. However, because I was slow in paying, they had this really weird policy where if you're slow in paying, they will raise the price, so before I had a chance to pay, they raised the price to $14.25, in which, I said, "That's too expensive for me, I can't afford that!" One of my friends in real life was the manager of this movie theater in the dream, and he told me that that was his policy that he made up.

So later on I go out to the parkade, and I'm looking for my ex's vehicle, at that time I wake up.

When I woke up I felt that I was missing her all over again. Our breakup was fairly recent, and there have been times when I question God whether or not breaking up with her was the right thing to do, but those had been the doubts that are normal to me when I do end a relationship, and this dream had brought those doubts back, however, they only lasted for about an hour, and I went back to my life after that.

Does anyone know what your ex could mean in a dream? Or what this is about? Thanks very much. :)

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