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Prayer Needed

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About a week ago I had a dream with raging water and parents trying to grab their kids and they were sinking. The next day I had a dream that a black bat bit me on the back of my neck. So many things have been happening in my life at the moment. The priesthood of my house husband is no longer into the word how he use to. My daughter failed 3rd grade. My son is out of the normal with behavioral problems. I have a brotherinlaw that has been trying to get a job ever since December his girlfriend at the present moment left him to another state since December. We had annointed the house and the first person that left was my sisterinlaw. After that my mother suffers from mental illness depression and she went into a state of depression recently she was baker acted and she is not getting better. While an elder prayed over me she asked the lord to show me and give me wisdom on what was going on. I had a dream the very next day I was outside walking and there was a body hanging from the side of a sidewalk with the legs inward laying down as if they commited suicide as I began to keep walking my sisterinlaw and her sister and mother which I do no know were just watching me and I felt an evil presence. I continued to pray and God told me to tell her it's not going to work. I believe within my heart and what the lord has put in my mind through prayer that they put witchcraft or at least tried too. I've have annointed everyone in this house except my brotherinlaw that is in denial/trance after I told him my dream. I have rebuked any evil trying to come in Gods House. I visited my mom and she says she keeps hearing a snake and voices are telling her that she stinks. Her past is coming back about her abuse and is attacking her. Does anyone have any recommendations when I go visit my mom. I've been memorizing scripture to her my mom is no longer herself but I still have hope. Please pray for our family.

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