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Amy Grant, me, ppl

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concert I think then a handful of ppl including me got to spend time with her afterwards. Like 8-10 ppl, none of whom I knew in real life.
At some point ppl were praying and I felt the Holy Spirit strongly; I think we all did. I felt addiction come off me.
Soon after I was talking to some guy. He seemed to have a word of knowledge and asked me about tobacco. I told him I've chewed tobacco for years. He was like Oh Man U gotta stop that, like urgent.
He also said something to me about going to medical school and Amy and the others could hear. I told him I was supposed to be a nurse but failed in it.
Then told Him God wanted me to return to school for business. The guy seemed cool with that but I kept fearing God was mad at me for not doing medical school (in the dream). I was upset abt it.
I wanted Amy's attention and to talk to her but she seemed tired and with several of the other ppl.
She was spending a lot of time with everyone after her concert which impressed me.
We all had notebooks where were we writing stuff down from prayer or words and I couldn't find mine at the end. An Amy asst said it was with the others but I don't think I found it.
The man with the word of knowledge said he was a nurse and his name was Elizabeth (yes really). I'd wanted to pray for him cuz he'd had addiction issues too or something.
Oh he also said something about a singing gift that I wasn't using.

Scene change and I was in high school in a library ? Not sure if class or library. Girl who'd been rotten to me in school was at next table making nasty faces and such.
Amy Grant came over to me and told me I'd written a crude note to one of the ppl from the other night (using F word) and I was very upset at the false accusation. The nasty girl was watching from afar with interest.
I told Amy it wasn't me and offered to write a note so they could compare handwriting. She agreed to this and I wrote on a piece of paper (sloppier than I usually do; seemed to have trouble writing).
I can't remember what happened next but I felt I'd been set-up and it caused Amy to think less if me because she believed whoever it was who'd said I wrote the bad note. I'd wanted very much for Amy to like me and us be friends.

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Welcome to the forum SeerGold333 --

Your dream is complex, but I wonder if the whole dream being centered on an Amy Grant concert isn't about things at large coming together (as in a concert) for you.

A little muttled with the ending and feeling wrongly accused. I pray Romans 8:28 over you -- that God will work all things together for good in the purpose that He has called you to. wave

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