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falling from the sky in a cardboard box and seeing a house crumble from a fire

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ok im going to try and remember this dream the best I can I had it a cupple weeks ago and it popped in my mind just now. I believe this is the beginning. I was falling from the sky and I think I was in a cardboard box. when I hit the ground I landed softly and gently unharmed. I was unconscious in my dream afterwards. Then I re awoke in my dream and walked around saying 'where am I?" and I believe this lady showed me to this one place. but I think before that happened (me falling from the sky and being showed to a place). we were at a table and my step dads friend came over they shook hands and we were at a table getting ready to eat. then my step dads friend decides to say the prayer. and he was talking about real personal stuff. I was thinking to my self that's some personal stuff and I don't think people want to hear that.(the prayer was about him and his girlfriend fighting or something). well when I opened my eyes and looked up no one was at the table but me and him. well back to the woman leading me to the place. I was about to walk in a door and I look to the side of it and I seen a paper pined to a board and it said on it there is power in anointing oil. or it said there is power in the anointing. well anyways they were gathered around this house and they said this is an reenactment. And this person said "this is a good thing" before the event was about to start. I seen my garment reminded that I had made to help me remind my self of the ten commandments that god told moses to tell the people of isreal to make its in the bible I don't remember where.(I actually made a garment in real life to help me remind myself of the ten commandments). the garment cought fire and it cought the house on fire the the house crumbled to the ground. it was brick and wood. then I heard a voice. and I said "do you guys hear this!?" I thought the voice sounded like robin willams the actor. well this is all I remember what the voice said " you will be triumphant over the non-Christians". he said something else but I don't remember. my feeling was astonishing and excitement because I believe it was god or his angels talking to me.(cant remember which one it was) Then I seen people walking away and this woman and her daughter that was walking away and I knew instantly that they thought I was crazy because I told them that I heard a voice tell me stuff. but I just smiled at them with what I thought happiness and love or just care something along those lines.

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