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Two men, a Truck and Orphans

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Greetings and God bless, everyone! I would really appreciate help with this...

Dream 1: While out and about one day, I saw two bearded men who stood out to me (read magi figurines only dressed in western clothing). They were not doing anything particularly interesting they were just standing together and I noticed them...they also seemed to be looking at me as well so I hurried on my way.

Later that day, I was told that I was to be given a house full of furnishings,etc. but would need to use a specific truck (moving van-type) from a warehouse facility without letting everyone know and that I was to ask the bearded men to help. I was given a specific route, keys, instructions with a warning about a 3-foot drop, and I was told where to find the bearded men. (I was nervous about approaching them but felt compelled to do so.)
We found the truck in a garage that opened to an alley just as I was told and we climbed into the cab. I sat in the middle and one of them produced a large roll of plastic wrap and used it to cover the floorboard and seat "to protect the surfaces from getting scuffed or dirty". (all along I am nervous and remembering past episodes of "Most Wanted" and wondering why the heck I was going through with this???!). When we tried to drive out of the narrow garage there was not enough room to turn left or right into the alley. Given the dimensions, it seemed like the garage was built around the truck instead of someone actually driving in to park it.

The 2 men somehow removed the door and wall panels and managed to drive the truck out but when we reached the end of the alley, there was a 8-10 inch concrete curb that hid a 3-foot drop down to the roadway where cars were whizzing past. We waited for a break in traffic and drove over the edge...that's when dream 2 started.

Dream 2: I was secretly taking care of a group of orphans--approximately 25-30 kids. I housed them underneath an abandoned warehouse that I managed to furnish comfortably. I had to take great care to make sure the warehouse looked empty, etc. from the outside. For some reason that I don't remember, we were digging tunnels under the building and there was a huge mound of dirt inside the building. Many of the kids played on the mound of dirt. Outside the building, the surrounding area looked like it had been a war zone at some point. :hmm:

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