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House Father was Building and Mixing of Wines

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Had this dream this a.m. just before waking.  I was with an acquaintance who is the leader of a prayer group named Kathryn I used to be a part of.  She was sharing her grocery shopping list with me, mentioning a mix she adds to her cooking that is a premixed wine additive.  I suggested to her that she just use cooking wine as it is more pure and without all the additives.  I note that we are getting along really well, better than we mix together in real life.  She never seems very interested in me.  

We are notably at a bar scene then, as in an alcoholic type bar.  She and I are speaking as close friends and I note a Christian man nearby who had wanted to date me.  He is walking between Kathryn and me, sticking his hand out ahead of him to let us know he is coming through -- an unknown friend is with him.  The man doesn't recognize me as he has never seen a photo.  

Next scene Kathy and I are seated in a booth and this man comes over to speak to me.  He asks out of the blue -- what is your name and what do you do for a living?  I contemplated what I could say to him that would keep him from knowing I was the person he had wanted to date, but I couldn't think of a way and didn't want to be dishonest.  Knew if I answered these questions directly, he would identify me.  So I gave him my name as I had used it on a dream interpretation site, different actually from what he knew me as IRL.  That in itself gave my identity away. 

Man quickly scoots in beside me and we continue to talk.  I share that I ran into a man we mutually knew and he told me what had happened with his church situation and that I believed since this was my first assignment helping a church that probably most of the church rebuilds did not go entirely smoothly -- not at all what I was expecting but I was novice.  He gets his face too close for comfort to mine.  I note in person he reminds me of someone I knew many years ago in looks and personality, though not interested in dating him, well-liked person.  I had never met this man in person before and I had no feeling in the dream whatsoever that I was called to be anything more than I was to him.  

At some point in this dream I am made aware that there is some discourse in this man's home with him and his daughter or kids, as in screaming/shouting matches.  

Last scene I am with my mother and brother is there also.  Speaking with mother I recollect to her about a house that I knew my father had started building.  In the dream he had passed away.  Mother acts like she cannot hardly recall.  But nods her head a little.  Something is said about him not finishing certain nailing on a wall.  I have a visual of a house that I know is yellow.  It's like a big farm house.  

I wonder if there is anything of value in the dream.  

maybe the dream is just to pray for him again.

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It is interesting to me that the woman in this dream -- her name means pure (Kathryn) -- I would be calling her into greater purity as that is already her name.  I also know this woman's middle name is battle maiden (Louise) -- which she laughs about, cause she knows she has the spirit of a prayer warrior. 

God often gives scripture to go with dreams I have -- this time Job 16, which talks about fervent intercession and purity also.  

I am not sure if this dream house is symbolic for a church or something more personal.

I am just guessing but for now believe I will encounter this man in a way that my identity will be made known to him, which wasn't my wish, and it will seem a little too close for comfort, but that we will have a chance to share and talk over what happened with his church situation.  There may be an opportunity to now finish up a little work that they were too distracted to finish up earlier on.  The fighting disclosure may just be about friction going on at present with the church endeavor.

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