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Dreams I had when I was thirteen, I think these might be prophetic

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I'm having a hard time processing this dream, so you all know I had several dreams relating to 5:33 with other details to it. Well, last night I had another dream related to 5:33 but it was very... real. Almost like I had been invited to sit with God and see what the future would look like. Here is my dream: I have graduated college with my degree in ministry. My family had arrived to help me pack and move out. When we got back to town, Mom tells me that Mrs.J and DT wanted to see me. I said "That'll be fun," so I drive my mom and myself to their house. We all say our hellos, general small talk. DT asks if he can speak to me in private. I say "Sure"
He says "I know you don't like me that much, but I swear were meant to be connected." I'm a little put off, because I always thought we had a really strange connection too. I say "I still feel like that, I just always rebuked it. I would see things far ahead pertaining to us and I would simply say it wasn't from God." He laughed about what I said. He then told me he wanted to be a pastor. End of dream. Now this is where it gets odd: In 2008, God gave me three prophetic dreams: the first one showed me fighting off depression, the opinions of others, slander, me being called to ministry. Etc. That dream manifested in 2011. The second dream was about my former pastor's(DT's parents) losing their church building, having to buy another one. That dream manifested this past month. Now the third dream: I'm on TBN with Paula white, she asks me "You know, how did you finally realize God was speaking through you prophetically?" I replied "I had to get some sense and realize he didn't stop giving out prophetic dreams after Joseph and Daniel." Paula then confers to my husband, he happens to be DT. "How did you know she was the one?" he said, "We always had some sort of connection, I felt like I knew her since I was born when I met her." end of dream, now this last dream I actually shared with DT's mom. I didn't tell her DT was in it, but once I mentioned that she paused and said "I understand it, God works like that." I promise you I could almost just sense that she knew I was talking about him. But, I brushed off all of these dreams, summing them up as just an odd dream. However, now that I think about it: The very same day I called his mom and asked her about pastoring and the dream, happened to be the very day this year I enrolled in college to study pastoring.
Maybe these things are prophetic, maybe their just symbolic. I am going to tell my mom about this dream, I will also tell her about the 5:33 dreams. I don't think I want to share the TBN dream with her just yet. I never received this particular dream because I had a very strong mindset that I would never pastor. I also had a very adamant stance against DT at that age. So of course, I summed it up as being demonic!

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