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Joseph Prince & Singapore

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I went to Singapore to visit a church.  I was with some people and we were in this yard area and Joseph Prince had this heart monitor and he wanted to connect me to it.  I was embarrassed because I didn't want anyone to know that I had experienced "irregular" heartbeats. I told him that my heart was racing at that moment because I was nervous to be on the machine.  Then I looked out over the water and there were waves and I thought about the earthquake that was in Idonesia and was wondering what if a Tsunami came to Singapore.  Then all of a sudden I saw a big wave rolling, which caused the tide to come to shore and the water came over my feet and legs and it was muddy water.  I even asked Joseph Prince why the water was dirty.

The scene changed and I was in a room with some women.  I saw my friend Jacquelyn and there was this little boy who was asking when they (his family) were going to get their new house.  He asked, "is the gate going to open when my mommy pushes the button?" It seemed as if it was Jacquelyn's son, but then it seemed as if he was somone else's child (IRL, Jacquelyn has grown children).  I went to him and said, "At the point of discouragement is when God is doing the most" He wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying.

The scene changed to me being outside and it seemed that my friends Tracie, Dianna and her mom had just arrived and they had gotten lost.  They said that Michele (former pastor's wife) gave them wrong directions to get there and that's why they were late. I rolled my eyes and said "it figures" and in my mind I remembered when she gave me wrong directions at one point. Then it was like Michele was behind me and said "I thought it was North"  I looked over at Dianna's mom and saw that she was wearing a pretty salmon/orange colored outfit with a white tank top underneath.  Dianna had on a wool tweed blazer, a plaid wool skirt, a belt and a different colored shirt.  I thought that she wasn't dressed nicely or correctly for the weather.

The scene changed to the women and I walking back to where we were  staying and as we were walking, I looked back to see if the little boy was walking with us.  I asked Jacquelyn and she said he went ahead of us.  Then I re-told her what I said to the little boy about when his family was going to get their new house and Jacquelyn was very quiet.

Scene changed to my mother wanting me to help her with her taxes and she said she would ask Joseph Prince.  Then she came back and said she changed her mind because she didn't want anyone seeing her personal information. ~The End~

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