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5 birds eating clothes

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Dreamt of James brown a supervisor and a female talking
To me about lateness
I climb onto a balcony the balcony had thorns on it so i did not step onto the floor,but security came and i hid, he found me and what are you doing?
Said i just need to shower.
But he told me to go to the bridge however as we approach he said mama Rose ( pastor at our church),and a lot of people were
Working on the bridge. They were all
Wearing black as if mourning.
I went to shower , a white girl started to shower at the same time but princes phillip called her. I took white soap to shower, then i saw these small looking bird on the shower door, it started off 1 then more appeared. A little white boy came and ask what they were.
The bird left from behind the shower door and went on my clothes lying on the floor . As they chew the clothes they became bigger and there was five black birds. The clothes were not destroy . Or rip, But i couldnt take them I found myself at buckingham place in the living room.
Saw James brown an ex supervisor

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