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Making Emily Cry

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I actually woke up from this dream in the middle of the night and wrote it down. I haven't woke up mid-sleep in a while since I've been so tired, and I was really tired when I did. I honestly think that this is important, like I may not have woke up on my own.

I was on a date with a girl named Emily. This is a girl that I knew from highschool in real life. She's married now and has a child. We're FB friends, but there's zero interaction.  I don't believe she's literal.  I also have no idea if she's a Christian or not.

So, I was on a date with her, and the place for the date was her church. For the date, we were going to go to a service at her church, together. It was a fairly small church, and I don't believe that there were any guys there besides me. The pastor was a woman, and the congregation seemed to be all women. Everyone was around my age, roughly.

 Now, this was supposed to be a date, but when I sat down for the service, Emily sat nowhere near me. This bothered me. She knew that I wanted her to at least sit by me. Well, seated by me on my left was someone I dated for a very brief period of time in highschool.  We didn't really interact, but I wasn't thrilled to be sitting near her. Again, I wanted my "date" to be by me. Then, also near me, was a girl that I worked with at a previous job- a woman named Jodi. We're friends with a similar sense of humor, but only friends. I wasn't as bothered to have her nearby.

However, I reached a point where I was just too bothered by my date not being anywhere near me. This was no date if we weren't even around each other. So,  I decided to leave. The scene switched to me being outside this building, and I was about to head on my way. Emily hurried out the door to catch me, and she was crying. She clearly didn't want me to go. Throughout the dream, I don't believe she ever spoke. I saw how she felt and my heart hurt because she was so upset, so I changed my mind...which seemed to make her happy. I went back inside the church.

This time, she sat near me - but not exactly next to me. I was alright with this for now, but it still wasn't perfect. The pastor made a comment - something along the lines of everything being settled now so that she could proceed with the service. It was said as if I had disrupted things, but I really hadn't. I also didn't care about her attitude, anyway.

 Everyone took out their Bibles, which were different than what I was used to. Another girl that I knew from the past was seated behind me, and she handed me one of these Bibles to use. It was really thin, and the books within it were not any of the normal books of the Bible. I opened to one that was titled with a single long word that began with "Archaeology" but there was more added to this word at the end. I also remember the names of the books being different colors as I flipped through it - this "Archaeology" one was in a red/wine color. I'm also fairly certain that I saw a page somewhere inside that had colored leaves preserved under plastic.  The dream ends without anything else happening.

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