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Skinless rats

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I was in a crowded room and a young man (a soldier? Some kind of uniform) announced he was looking for someone/anyone who drove a Mercedes. I said I did and then immediately realized my mistake - I drive something else. He said that was ok and asked me to choose a book from a specific author and the book was to be delivered to an important man (unknown to me).

While I was looking at the list of five names, and not understanding most of them, people around me began eating skinless rats. I was disgusted and continued to try to read the list.

Eventually I left to go and all the people were gone and the floor was littered with thousands of skins from the rats. A women was attempting to sweep them up and was thoroughly disgusted.

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Hello, Beaubyen -

  These are just some thoughts on your dream, so you find that they don't fit please disregard them.

  For the first portion of the dream, the main action seems like you answered a call, but then thought that you didn't meet the "qualifications" - that you weren't exactly what they were looking for. 

  Do you feel that way about anything in real life?

  The soldier didn't seem to mind, though.  And, honestly, God is looking for those who are Willing more than those who are "qualified."

  While you focused on what you were called to do, those around you began to eat the skinless rats.  Here's an interesting scripture:

  Isaiah 66:17 - "Those who 'consecrate' and 'purify' themselves in a sacred garden with its idol in the center--feasting on pork and rats and other detestable meats--will come to a terrible end," says the LORD."

  I think that the act of eating the rats symbolizes something unholy or pagan.  You were trying to focus on your task, and this was going on all around you, bothering you.  How does that fit your waking life?

  That situation could be a specific event - not just general, day-to-day circumstances.  Purely as an idea for illustration, I thought of something like a college-type party going on around you while you're trying to focus.  Again, not claiming that that's what it is...but it could help you identify what it is in your own life.

  Whatever it is, it should leave you with that same disgusted feeling.  If you don't already feel that way about something, then the dream is about a future event.

Blessings and welcome to the forum.

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This is amazing! You are spot on. I am currently in ministry at a large church and was promoted to a position I didn't feel qualified for. Peers were not so happy for me and its been an awful two years for me, to the extent that I'm on sabbatical right now to discern Gods call about ministry - whether or not to quit. I've become so disillusioned about my fellow Christian workers, and the church in general. I'm an idealist at heart - throw into the mix a "bent" toward a critical spirit (of which I pray healing from continually - God is merciful :)) and well, ... You see my dilemma.

I thank God for your insight! I also posted one I had just three nights ago, and sensed that I'm to leave ministry I'm in currently and it saddens me. I know though that God wastes nothing and this has not all been for naught. I've learned and grown so much. I put my trust in Him for my future.

God Bless!

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