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Repost:Glass casket and a warning the Stock Market crash coming.

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Oh wow this site has changed a bit. lol It has been a little while since I last had been on.I had this dream I need some confirmation on.


I saw these people standing in a crowd near my brothers graveyard and they were fenced off like you would see at a crime scene.I did not know the people in real life but I knew some of the people in the dream, so I rushed to the front where they were fenced off and I was shocked to see my brother was in a see through glass case coffin, there was glass all the way around him. I thought to myself and said, "What the heck is he doing on top of the ground in a glass coffin he was cremated several years ago and why isn't he in the ground!?" It was as if the burial people were either gone for the weekend or something but they weren't there so I had to wait to talk to them, I was furious. Finally I took charge and told the funeral peoples to bury my brother he should have been buried years ago. Then someone comes running up to me like in a panic, I did not know here in the dream but, she seemed familiar and she said," We are going to crash!" It was a warning. She yelled it to me again," Jeanie we are going to have a crash!!! It was as if no one heard her but me. She was warning me that we were going to have a crash. I said out loud, "What, we are going to crash!? Then I woke myself up when I said that out loud.

First off my brother died in 2005 and the crash this lady was talking about had to do with the stock market. I knew that in the dream.

I had a dream few days ago about statistic's of numbers being flashed in front of my eyes and it was not good. I am wondering if this is part two of that dream. I am not sure why my brother was in a glass case not buried yet. Humm anyway.

Thanks blessing

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