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Help... My House is Out of Control!

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Hello there!  I haven't been dreaming much for a stretch, so asked God for a dream -- it's an odd one!  

I'm in my home, just as it is IRL.  I notice a large woman coming in the front door with 2 big daughters.  In the dream I know this woman but not very well.  She just comes right through the open front door (seems the door is already open).  She doesn't greet me or look at me like people usually do but just steps right in.  I just allow her in, like no big deal and never have another thought about it (IRL I don't know this woman).  

Next I am sitting on the couch across the room from what I recognize is my handyman, sitting in the lazy boy.  He is commenting to me and some of the other people that are in my living room (can't remember anything specific).  I end up going out the front door and there are various people outside.  And I cannot remember either what I did out front, but soon am back in the living room with a room full of people having a meeting.  

My handyman has turned into Anthony Hopkins.  I'm now sitting sideways in front of the big LR window in a chair, full attention towards Anthony who is sharing something on a projector screen from the corner of my LR.  On the screen is an impassioned letter written by a woman regarding ministry.  Anthony is brought near to tears sharing the letter and is deeply touched by what the woman has to say.  I respond by telling Mr Hopkins that he is blessed to be able to grasp and be so moved by the letter in the way that he has.  He ends up then sitting in a chair just to my left.  There seems some personal interaction between us but I can't recall what that was.  

Later I fell back to sleep, and it is not typical for me to pick up on dreams from previous, but seems I had a postscript to the dream.  I see a utility truck outside and realize in the hubbub of the goings on I have allowed a repairman, that I didn't call for service, into my home and he was in the basement doing work cause I could hear him and even feel the vibrations the work was so intense.  I went to the basement stairs and called to him, saw him coming up stairs, calmly explained that there may have been a mistake and I was so busy with the guests I didn't properly catch it when he came in.  He seems completely nonplussed by my words, never really responds.  I was thinking he did something with the water but I saw a Minnesgasgo truck outside, though Minnegasgo goes by another name now.

As he turns right through the kitchen heading out I can see from his back view that he has turned into my cousin Al.  He has several of his nieces/nephews (distant cousins of mine) with him.  He is touching their hair/heads as they walk along and I am thinking Al doesn't seem like his impersonal self -- can't see him gesturing like this--seems a doting gesture.  IRL he has battered the women in his life and his own children severely.  I look at him and have a hard time grasping any foul behavior from him.  I also then reach out and touch the curly-haired young woman in front of me.  She knows I am touching her but never turns around.  We are descending a set of stairs that are foreign to my real home as I am doing this but resembled my cousin Vivienne's stairwell to the main level.  End of dream.  

Blessings for reading!  I do know I have ministry ahead, but not certain exactly what and how, cause none of that seems too plausible right now -- typical!!  flower 

So grateful, Rose

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Seeing this as prophetic to the church in this area coming into the revelation that I have also come into, the message I am called to share. Looks like after a long wait the message is finally being received by leadership and projected. BIG HALLELUJAH. This breakthrough has come with a great price tag. I've prayed for so long.

Taking the large woman with 2 daughters as the church and 2 daughters with her as discernment. I knew it took getting to the leaders before the message would be received among the church people.

Not entirely sure the meaning of repairman cousin Al. But the young cousins there are both Asperger syndrome afflicted children of my cousin. One is on fire for God and the other not quite so yet. But I think people easily overlooked and discounted by the "important" church people. I Corinthians 1:27. God uses the foolish, weak, lowly and despised things of this world...also pure religion of James 1.

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