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Helicopter crash; dead grandmother...

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Had a dream where a childhood friend of mine said she learned to fly a helicopter. I thought this was a bit unusual since she is not a risk-taker and it seemed she got her license "all of a sudden." I observed her trying to fly the helicopter and it did not go well. It was flying out of control and wobbling. She eventually crashed and emergency crews and other people rushed to her. I ran to her as well. I made sure the medical personnel knew what her name was and the medications she was on. I also let them know she was bipolar. Some of the minor medical personnel didn't seem to care, but one doctor acknowledged me and what I was saying. It seemed this all happened around my childhood home, where we both grew up.

At the same time, my paternal grandmother died (she has been dead for over 10 years) and my cousins were around. I really didn't care about taking care of what to do with her body or how the coffin looked. This all happened at the crash site. Her body was all shriveled up. The funeral was over really quickly and it seemed that her death affected no one and we all just went out to dinner like nothing had happened. IRL, this grandmother was never really nice to me and I did not feel close to her at all. My dad is not close to any of his family and they are not on speaking terms now.

Any thoughts?

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