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Addict daughter

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I had a dream of an old church memeber. IRL I really just remember what this woman looked like, bc our last home church was very large.  I dont even remember her name. In this dream, I was hanging with her and her family.  I was helping a bit with some of her smaller children, as I would when I was a nanny.  In this dream I was eating cookies I brought.  When those were gone, I still wanted more.  They had some sugar cookies made and on the trays in the kitchen.  I felt weird helping myself, though I knew they wouldn't care.  I really wanted them to leave, so I could chow on the cookies without  feeling weird.  lol!  In the dream, the mom explained how she had an older teenage daughter who had hepatitis.  I told her my brother had it too (irl he does/bc he an addict).  She then told me she was a heroine user.  I told her my brother was too, I could relate a bit.  Her daughter was in recovery, and up in her room.  I didn't see or meet her, but I knew she was 16/17 years old.  I overheard the mom telling her husband or boyfriend, that her daughter had a boyfriend.  She said that her daughters' boyfriend really liked her daughter, because she was so beautiful, but it wouldn't take long for the boyfriend to realize the troubles that are in her daughter internally...and he wouldn't be sticking around long.  She didn't seem upset about this, she acted as if she wasn't concerned one bit about the relationship, bc she knew how it was going to turn out.  Last scene of the dream, I was with her smaller son on the couch.  He was quite comfortable with me, and snuggling with me.  The mom was impressed with how well he was taking to me (which is normal with any of the families I have ever nannied for irl). Their home was very nice, and had a ton of room.  The furniture was all of really nice quality. Then their little dog came on the back of their pink couch (which did not seem strange during the dream to me), which was made of nice fabric, and peed on the back rest part of the couch.  I then seen a shower of water come from the ceiling, and there were crumbs and stuff of food on the couch too.  I looked at the mom, and was like wondering what I should do to clean the mess up.  She looked at me and was very much not concerned with the mess.  She said, not to worry about it, bc she had stuff on the couch to protect it from spills/water/etc.  I was thinking to myself, where is all the pee/water going to drain too????? I was quite surprised that she was so laid back concerning everything (daughter and couch) and not concerned at about these things at all.  what what 

I woke up.

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