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Forced Abortion

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Hi everyone,
This dream had 3 short different parts to it:

Jennifer Lawrence was in a hospital environment being given drugs and forcing her to have abortions every day. This was like a scene from a movie. It was all a big conspiracy and she didn't know what was happening. One day while she was on the surgical table her friend stopped the doctors. She opened her legs and saw the baby was alive- and all the babies had been alive but they had been killed by the doctors.

I saw a woman and a man on a hospital bed talking to a doctor about breastfeeding. But the baby wasn't there, and the woman explained that instead she would feed her husband. and they were both happy about this.

I was working in a clinic and my shift was over so I said goodbye to the other doctors. A patient there wasn't happy with her treatment and left crying. I looked back at the doctors, almost questioning what exactly was going on and if I knew them well.

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Hi, Gracee -

For the first scene: Is there someone in your life that reminds you of Jennifer Lawrence? Likewise, has that same person been met with repeated "failure" or "tragedy"? In your dream, what this person believed to be true was far from it.

The positive outcome for that dream was that someone Interceded to put a stop to what had been happening.

The 2nd dream just makes me think of two people where one has something to give, but the most appropriate outlet isn't available...so, she gives to what's there. In real life, it would makes sense that the two are ok with this. How did you feel about it, though?

For the last part - I have to ask if you're actually working in a literal clinic right now. If you are, this scene could be completely literal.

If you're not (or, even if you are, I suppose), all three scenes could be about a place of healing: A church. The events could take place in relation to one you are connected with.

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