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Shopping, forgetting things and then recovering them

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Hello brothers and sisters,

I was shopping at what appeared to be an outdoor mall. I had this phone that I'd purchased for my husband. It had a sci-fi design. The top was in the image of Darth Vader. A group of male shoppers approached me (3 of them) and started asking about the phone. The older gentleman said, "My company made that phone. You know we only made 50 of them." He asked to see it to show it to his son. He did and then returned it to me. The son took it away from me and walked away. His father went after him and demanded he return the phone. Reluctantly, he did so.

I'm not married yet but engaged. But I knew I'd bought this phone for my husband.

Scenery change...

Still shopping and I have my grandson with me (3 1/2 mos ) in the stroller. I was purchasing accessories for my daughter. I had earrings, hair clips and head bands; all types and various colors. I was getting my wallet and turned around to find the baby gone. I started to panic. The sales clerk told that he was with the other sales clerk who took him so I could shop. I saw her in the corner playing with him.

Then the sales clerk behind the counter said you bought all of this yesterday and left your bag. Wait a minute and I'll get it for you. I was so confused because I didn't remember being there.

She brought the bag to me and I woke up.

I'm puzzled about this...

Any thoughts? Ideas? Please help.



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I think this is about the appearance of losing things and them recovering them.

Any other thoughts?

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