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An Old Retail Friend/Coworker

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This is a bit long. There was a lot going on in this dream.

In the first dream, I was at my old retail job. I was there to visit Sherry, my old boss/coworker/friend. She was working there, again, although it didn't seem like she had been gone. She was definitely settled in there. Well, I joined her in the office of one of the managers, and there were a couple other managers in there as well. One of them seemed familiar to me. Sherry and the familiar manager began to talk about how I was going to be working with them, again. Now, I wasn't working there, but I had this feeling like I was - like a confidence or something, maybe? Sherry spoke like she was certain that I'd be there soon.

Another manager was in the room as well. He looked a little afraid. I knew that he was intimidated by me. I told him that he didn't need to worry about me.

I decide to go and wait in the employee lounge. On the way there, I pass the door to the Store Manager's office. He walks out after I had passed. He doesn't really notice me, but I notice him, and make a mental note in the dream that he must be the Store Manager.

Once in the lounge, I see a few older people sitting there. There's no faces that I recognize. I walk out the other entrance of the lounge for just a moment, heading toward the backstock area. I stop and turn around just past the employee locker room. There's a lot of employees that have just come up the stairs and gone into the locker room - a lot of them are younger, like high-school age. They're all in their employee uniforms, which are actually like the old red ones. I see that I've also got a similar colored shirt on, although I can feel that I'm a bit old-school compared to them. I head back into the lounge.

There's a few more employees in there, and they're all still older people. I see a box with muffins or something sitting on the table, and I acknowledge that I'm hungry. So, I decide that I'm going to go to the vending machine to buy a couple cartons of milk to have with one of these muffins. At the vending machine, I spin the selections around until I find milk that's only 10 cents. I buy one of them, but as I'm looking for a 2nd one, I get caught up with some mixed fruit - like, distracted or just changing my mind. There are a couple packages. One looked like it was opened and repackaged in just saran wrap. I buy one of the two and go to sit down at one of the tables.

There's a lot more people in the room now that I'm looking for a place to sit. I didn't want to sit right next to anyone. There's one table that I consider sitting at - it's got no one at it, but it'd leave me with my back to the whole room. I decide against it and sit at a table that's in the middle of everyone. I'm still waiting on Sherry to show up.

A couple of older ladies come through with a cart of treats, like cookies and stuff. I look intently at them to see if they're someone I recognize...but, I don't believe that they are. One lady drops a cookie on the floor near my feet. At this point, I'm suddenly aware that I've got two different women's dress shoes on. They're similar color, but they're not the same style. I slide my feet out of the way in hopes that neither of them see. I don't believe that they do.

The odds are slim that Sherry is literal. However, I do have a different former boss that's left my current place of employment. He's been gone for a little more than a month. He was always telling me that he was going to take me with him wherever he ended up going. I would not be surprised if Sherry were to represent him in the dream - although there's been no recent talk about me going anywhere.

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